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Untitled by abiggerlineBasic Manga Eye Tutorial
Untitled by abiggerlineDraw the top and bottom of the eye. They should be curved slightly like this, and much further apart than a more realistic eye.
Untitled by abiggerlineConnect them. Some artists don't do this, but I like to. Notice that the lines do not meet up perfectly.
Untitled by abiggerlineDraw an oval in the eye. this will be the iris.
Untitled by abiggerlineDraw a smaller oval. this is the shiny. You can have a ton of these, but to be basic, we'll keep it at one.
Untitled by abiggerlineDraw the pupil. Have it curve along with the edge of the iris, then come up into the shiny about half way.
Untitled by abiggerlineFill in the pupil and darken the upper and lower edges of the eye.
Untitled by abiggerlineSketch in a light gradient in the iris, darker at the top, fading into white at the bottom.
Untitled by abiggerlineDarken the gradient.
Untitled by abiggerlineDarken the outline of the iris and the shiny.
Untitled by abiggerlineDraw eyelashes and a fold above the eye. (the area eyeshadow goes.)

Untitled by abiggerlineDraw an eyebrow.
Untitled by abiggerlineTouch it up. I added more eyelashes and darkened the side lines.

That was my first tutorial, and I know I'm not an expert by any means, but I hope it helped in some way! :)

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July 5, 2016


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